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We understand that missing teeth can cause a variety of issues from oral health problems to losing confidence in your smile. We want patients to feel great behind their smiles which is why we proudly offer revolutionary dental bridges to help them regain healthy, beautiful smiles!

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What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is an oral prosthesis that can replace a single tooth or a row of three or more teeth. Bridges are a great tooth replacement solution for many patients. We provide traditional and implant-supported bridges to accommodate each patient’s unique needs.

Traditional Bridges

Traditional bridges have dental crowns on either end and natural-looking replacement teeth in the middle to fill in the smile’s gaps. The crowns are designed to attach to existing teeth on either side of the space to hold the bridge securely in place.

Implant-Supported Bridges

Similar to traditional bridges, implant-supported bridges also have dental crowns on either end. However, the difference is that they snap onto dental implants located at the gumline. Implant-supported bridges are a modern option for patients lacking healthy existing teeth to support the bridge. Implants provide a stable foundation for replacement teeth.

Visit our dental implants page to learn more.

Benefits of Bridges

Wondering if implants are right for you? They provide a wide range of benefits for patients. Dental bridges:


Create Natural-Looking Results


Even Out Bite Distribution


Preserve Facial Shape


Provide a Cost-Effective Tooth Replacement Option

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The Cost of Dental Bridges

The cost of your bridge depends on the type you choose and the number of teeth you’re replacing. At your initial consultation, we’ll be able to provide you with an accurate cost breakdown based on your specific case. We’ll also go over our flexible financial options to help you fit a dental bridge into your budget. To schedule your consult, please contact our office today!

Affordable Dentures at Village Dental

Village Dental aims to provide affordable dentures by offering our patients a variety of convenient payment options. Along with accepting insurance, FSAs, and HSAs, we have an in-house dental membership plan that you can join to get 15% off your dentures. For more information about joining, just call our office to speak to a team member or ask at your next visit!

In-House Dental Membership Plan

Looking to save big on your dental care? We proudly offer an exclusive in-house membership plan. This plan gives our patients access to routine preventive care at no extra cost with great discounts on our other services. Contact our office to enroll and start saving today!

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