Periodontal Therapy

“More than 75% of Americans over 30 will develop some form of gum disease at some point in their lives. However, with early detection and proper conservative treatment, almost all teeth can be saved.”
The health of your gums should not be neglected. Periodontal disease affects your gum tissue and if left untreated, it can lead to infection and bone and/or tooth loss. Not only does periodontitis affect your mouth, but it has also been connected to heart disease, stroke, premature births, low birth weights of infants, diabetes, some types of cancer, and depression.

What causes it?

Plaque, tartar, heredity, diet, systemic conditions, and oral hygiene habits can be contributing factors to developing periodontal disease. Things to look out for include bleeding or swollen gums, receding gum line, or loose teeth. We have a periodontist on staff at Village Dental to provide personalized treatment and maintenance to keep your gums healthy! Contact Us

Can You Die From Gum Disease?

The link between the health of the mouth and the health of the rest of the body is not something to be ignored. Researchers have established many significant relationships between oral health and heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Types of bacteria that are found in the mouth can impact respiratory conditions as well.
Mouth Body Connection
A three-month study was performed in Germany which followed patients hospitalized with COVID-19. The researchers discovered that patients who had periodontal disease faced a much greater chance of life-threatening respiratory failure than those without gum disease. This dangerous condition is likely caused by IL-6 (interleukin) which is a harmful protein that is produced by gum disease. IL-6 makes its way from the gums to the lungs where it causes respiratory issues. Founder of the UCLA Dental Research Journal, Shervin Molayem, DDS, says: “Gum disease has been linked to other breathing ailments, including pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, so we weren’t surprised to find a link to respiratory problems with COVID-19.” Molayem continued with, “what shocked us was the discovery of the protein’s devastating, life-threatening impact on patients once they’re hospitalized. One tiny, inflammatory protein robbed them of their ability to breathe.” The Mouth-COVID Connection from the California Dental Association has more on these findings. During COVID-19, having a healthy mouth is more vital than ever before. Get in touch with us if you spot any of the signs of periodontal disease, and be sure you have your six-month cleaning and exam scheduled with Village Dental.

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