Composite Fillings

Composite Fillings in Ridgefield Park, NJ

Village Dental offers composite fillings near you. Fillings are the most popular procedure we offer, so to say we specialize in tooth fillings is an understatement. It is the easiest way to repair teeth damaged from tooth decay and allows rapid patient recovery and full use of the teeth with very little downtime while preventing any future issues with the tooth. Getting composite tooth fillings in Ridgefield Park, NJ is as easy as 1,2,3!

When Do I Need Composite Fillings?

The dentist will start with a visual examination, with an eye toward discoloration or pitting. They will also use dental tools to poke around the area of apparent decay and test for sensitivity. Any areas that show sensitivity will be checked with X-rays and imaging. Depending on how extensive the damage is, fillings are an option, as well as implants or crowns. Typically, the dentist will recommend composite fillings if possible. This saves both time and money for the patient and offers a perfect solution for patients looking to return to normal function.

During the Procedure

During the procedure, a dentist near you will often give anesthesia that numbs the tissue around the tooth. Once the area is wholly desensitized, the dentist will begin to drill into the decay and remove any unsuitable layers. After all the decay has been removed, the dentist will mix your filling, made out of composite resin, and begin moulding it into the shape of your tooth. Some fillings are hardened while waiting in the chair; others require a UV light or other activation. After the filling has hardened, the dentist will further shape and polish the tooth to its final form. Once the filling is complete, it will have returned your tooth’s full function.

Post-Operative Care

Post-op care of your composite filling consists mainly of continuing a good dental hygiene regimen, and remembering to brush, floss, and rinse regularly. If you have any continuing sensitivity, check back with your dentist, but the feelings should subside within a week.