Dental Bridges in Ridgefield Park, NJ

Village Dental offers dental bridges in Ridgefield Park, NJ. Dental bridges are prosthetic devices used to restore a smile with prosthetic teeth. Using artificially constructed teeth called pontics, the bridge is anchored by one or more dental crowns, secured to the remaining real teeth on the sides of the bridge (called abutment teeth). Bridges are typically made of either precious metals or porcelain.

When Are Bridges Placed?

Bridges are used when one or more teeth are missing and must be replaced. They are used to restore function and aesthetics and to prevent remaining teeth from shifting out of place. A bridge can be used when other dental options aren’t suitable and work well within patient budgets.

What Happens During the Procedure?

A dentist near you prepares the abutment teeth by scraping off some enamel to make space for the crowns to fit in. Impressions of the prepared teeth and the surrounding teeth are taken and sent to a laboratory to create the custom bridge. A temporary bridge will be placed on the abutment teeth while the custom bridge is being made. The patient will then be asked to come in for a follow-up visit.

The Follow-up Visit

Once the custom bridge is ready, the patient will return to the dentist in Ridgefield Park, NJ for a second appointment to have the temporary bridge removed and the custom bridge placed and adjusted for proper fit and bite. The bridge is then cemented onto the abutment teeth, and the process is complete. The dentist will offer care instructions for your new bridge and go over the procedure to clean and care for the dental bridge.

The patient must maintain good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups to ensure the bridge’s longevity. Follow all the dentist’s instructions, including maintaining regular dental hygiene. Routine flossing, rinsing, and brushing will extend the life and looks of your dental bridge.

If you are looking for a dental bridge near you, contact Village Dental for an appointment. After setting one up, we can begin discussing your options during our initial exam.