Dental Sealants in Ridgefield Park, NJ

Village Dental provides tooth sealants in Ridgefield Park, NJ. We have a modern office with up-to-date technology that provides patients with a warm and hospitable environment for treatment. Our qualified staff is one of the most experienced in the state. Depending on your age and the condition of your teeth, tooth sealants may help extend the life of your teeth and save you money in the long run.

What are Tooth Sealants?

Tooth sealants are a protective coating applied to the surface of teeth, typically the molars and premolars, to prevent decay. The sealant is a liquid plastic painted onto the tooth surface and then hardened and sealed with a special curing light. Once in place, the sealant forms a barrier that keeps out food and bacteria, reducing the risk of cavities.

How Will the Dentist Near Me Apply Sealant?

A dentist will typically apply sealants to the teeth of children, teenagers, and adults at high risk of decay. The process is quick and painless and typically requires no local anesthetic. The dentist will first clean the tooth surface to remove debris or plaque and then dry the tooth. Next, the sealant material is painted onto the tooth surface and hardened and sealed with a curing light. The dentist will then check the sealant for defects and make necessary adjustments to ensure a proper seal. The entire process usually takes less than 15 minutes per tooth. Caring for sealed teeth is no different than caring for unsealed teeth. Maintaining a regular and healthy dental hygiene regimen will extend the life of your sealant. Patients should be sure to brush, floss, and rinse regularly and follow all dentist instructions after their visit.

If you are looking for tooth sealants near you, contact Village Dental. We are currently accepting new patients and look forward to meeting you. Once your appointment is set, we can perform a custom examination to determine the best next steps.