Endodontic Services in Ridgefield Park, NJ

Infection in the mouth can spread to areas deep in a tooth. Such infection occurs mostly due to deep cavities, cracks, fractures, repeated dental treatments, and injuries. When you do not have the infection or inflammation treated, you could experience unbearable discomfort. Your tooth could also develop an abscess, a pocket of pus on the tooth’s tip. Eventually, tooth loss occurs.

Village Dental provides endodontic treatment in Ridgefield Park, NJ to save a tooth that has suffered pulp infection or inflammation. We have a friendly endodontics team that works to preserve your natural smile. We do this through detailed exams and diagnoses to establish how damaged or infected your tooth is. We utilize modern imaging solutions such as X-rays to study your tooth’s interior, including the pulp and root canal areas.

We offer various endodontic treatments, among them being:

Root Canal Therapy

It is the most popular endodontic procedure. We eliminate the infection from the tooth, clean the pulp, shape it, and seal the hole. Once it has healed, a dental crown is encased over the tooth, providing support and protection. This way, the treatment helps alleviate pain, swelling, and tenderness deep in the bone. We use local anesthesia and sedation in the treatment. As such, there is no pain.

Endodontic Retreatment

After you have received endodontic treatment, your tooth may continue experiencing problems. Our endodontists may recommend retreatment. It works the same way as the initial root canal therapy. The dentists access the tooth, do away with the recurring infection, cleanse the canals, and reshape them. A new filling is then done, and a crown is fitted.

Endodontic Surgery

We may perform endodontic surgery if X-rays show hidden canals or small fractures. This surgery addresses damage to tooth root surfaces and calcium deposits within root canals.

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If your root canal or pulp is infected, then endodontic procedures provide the best solution to saving your tooth from being extracted. Talk to our endodontists in Ridgefield Park, NJ if you suspect an infection inside the tooth. Village Dental wants to reestablish your tooth’s function and health.