Orthodontics in Ridgefield Park, NJ

Getting the dental care we need is important to the health of our mouth, teeth, tongue, gums, and entire body. That’s why when the dentist tells us we have a problem like an overbite, misalignment, we grind our teeth, or some other issue, it’s important to take it seriously and get it taken care of as soon as possible. For these issues, you need a local dentistry like Village Dental in Ridgefield Park, NJ that offers orthodontics as part of their treatment services. If you’ve never actually heard of orthodontics, orthodontics is the dental treatment specialty that deals with the outer function and position of your teeth. This specialization handles all the alignment and positioning issues people get.

The position and function of your teeth are important for your smile but also have a lot of impact on the muscles and bones in your face, and the longer you let these issues go untreated, the worse the problems can get, and they can start to affect other areas of the face.

What Can Orthodontics Do For Me?

You or a family member may have orthodontic care without ever realizing it. As we mentioned, the position of the teeth is an important part of what orthodontics treats. If you know someone who has had to get braces, orthodontics has already helped them. Straightening the teeth prevents crowding, cavities, and teeth falling out. Another common issue that people have that is helped by orthodontics is clenching and tooth grinding. This can happen when resting or sleeping.

Grinding the teeth can wear down the biting surface of the teeth and cause cracks and other issues, and clenching can cause the muscles in the jaw to tighten up and even cause TMJ. We can treat these problems through an orthodontic appliance such as a mouthguard. Orthodontics also supplies mouthguards for sports and other special circumstances. So, no matter whether you need braces or another special piece of equipment for your teeth, orthodontics has you covered.